I woke up on the floor of a 10 x 10 room, my wife Lori to one side and my baby son Joshua in the middle of us both.

The room was empty except for the pallet we used for a bed and a TV that sat on the floor by our feet.  We were broke, poor and we had a house that would not sell.

When Lori & I were younger we bought a new build home that came with tons of upgrades.  It had custom kitchen cabinets, recessed lighting, tile floors and crown molding throughout. 

It was a humble show piece of a home.  Not too big, kind of just right for two newly weds from the country.

It was mostly perfect except for one glaring wart. 

The back yard was almost zero lot line and had a cement drainage running the length of the back fence.  It was unsightly and the first thing you noticed. 

When it rained, the thing filled up to a raging creek. We literally had the “River Runs Through It” in our back yard.

There I lay on the floor, months before we had listed that house and moved out as instructed by our realtor.  After all, we would sell and soon be buying in Denton, TX. 

But the house did not sell and we were still living with Lori’s parents after 12 months time.  It was a disaster.

When the time came to re-list, the realtor (who had been our friend) gave up on us first.  She called and said, “Nathan I’ve tried to sell this house and can’t understand why it hasn’t, but understand if you and Lori want to try something else.”

So with that, we changed realtors and started over.

This was a hard lesson for a young couple to learn.  But the lesson began to teach us something fundamental that we carry into every transaction with every client.

Would you like to now what we learned?

If you’re thinking about selling a house you need to use these 3 critical tips.

With these tips we not only sold that house but quickly learned how to take advantage of any market condition – seller or buyer’s market.

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Nathan & Lori Skorick, no longer “A Ditch Runs Through It” Home Owners