I stood on the stage looking over a full room of 150 parishioners.  They sat in complete stunned silence.  Then came the audible gasp from the back and a distant chuckle from the mezzanine. 

In my eloquent delivery of prayer requests, I ad-libbed and made an extra request.

“Also if you wouldn’t mind praying for the teens, they just got a new High School principal and I hear she’s a real battle-axe of a woman.” 

That’s when I noticed an entire back pew stand up.  And walk-out.

As a youth director for a small country church, there were lots of opportunities to hear about the town drama.  The teenagers were usually the object of discussion.  This time, however, the kids were up in arms over the adults.  One in particular, the new principal, because she was just “not fair.”

I took their plea as some sort of license to rally the villagers and pray her into being nice.  It back fired spectacularly.

There was nuclear level fallout from the mistake. It was beyond a “foot in mouth” moment, a fact that dawned on me as I walked down to my seat and the preacher’s wife mouthed the words “no Nathan…no”

In small town Texas in the 90o’s – it went viral

So, with the guidance of some nice older men, I went on an apology tour, that included the offended Principal, parents, in laws, coaches…and a couple second cousins…I think.

This was when I learned the value of a good network and the power of “mind share.” Only in a town where “everyone knows everyone” could you go from hero to zero all on a Sunday morning.

Before email and social media, there were physical communities.  While some of us couldn’t wait to get out of the small towns, many have stayed because of the network. These are people who know you and you know them.  You share your stories, photos and experiences and you don’t need a device.  You have mind share with each other.

Without waxing nostalgic, Lori & I want to work hard to keep our community with you in the “hero” category and keep our little slice of your mind share for real estate.

So as our beloved readers, we want to make sure you get lots of value from us – aside from entertaining blog posts.

Plainly said, you guys are awesome.  Some of you have already referred business to us or you’ve informed us you are planning to move this year and we’re thrilled to get to help!

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Nathan & Lori “we love our new high school principal” Skorick