How to furnish your first apartment with the help of the prison system

I stood staring face to face with a convicted criminal.  Just two months prior I had proposed to my future wife and she had said “yes.”  I had no idea that I would start out our life together this way.


The room smelled of cigarettes and the scruffy convict starred at me from the door way.  He asked, “Well, will it work?”  I surveyed the furniture in the small room and the rest of the contents.  My skinny, young, 23-year old voice pipped up, “is it free?”  He laughed and said, “You can have any of the furniture you want, I won’t need it where I’m going.”


Yes, I furnished our first apartment with free, heavily-used furniture from one of the nicest, big hearted (although a tad smelly) convicts you’d ever meet.  He was on his way – back – to the federal penitentiary, this time for a while, and had decided to give away all of his earthly possessions. 


You may remember your own story of “starting out” and if you were like us – you literally had nothing. 

As is the case with free stuff – it needed lots of TLC and cleaning. 
As the overquoted statement suggests, free lunches come with many problems.  And we learned that lesson early on in our marriage.


But the temptation of “free” is tough to beat.  In real estate we see it every day.  The prospect of not paying a Realtor to sell your home is tantalizing and has fueled the For Sell By Owner (FSBO)  market.  


But, ask any Realtor about FSBOs.  One of our best kept secrets to get listings – is to call FSBOs!  The stats show that most FSBOs wind up listing anyway.  And if you’ve ever tried a FSBO then you know what I’m talking about.  You probably were inundated with calls from Realtors (like us) hoping to win your listing. 


Lori & I have been there and done that with free stuff.  According to our marriage counselor, arguments were ways you “bond together” – so we actually “bonded” pretty early on over the “furniture incident.”  

And let’s talk about that elephant in the room – some Realtors like free stuff too. 

Do you know a Realtor who handled you like a transaction?  Maybe they were part-time or disappeared once the builder registered them as your agent.  There are Realtors out there who take orders from the other agent and leave the hard decisions to you.  In essence getting paid for “free.”


The Skorick Team shifts the paradigm.  We take the concierge route of Consultants vs. Agents, who seek to advise you to maximize your interests at closing.  We will even share some of the secrets some Realtors wouldn’t want you to know.


Do you, or someone you know, need real estate advice?  We discretely handle any of the contacts you know who need to buy, sell or invest.  We’d love to meet them and promise we’ll work hard to earn your repeat referrals!


Email us or text us their – or your – contact info  – we’ll set a time to talk and get you some answers.  And if it makes sense, we’ll set a time to meet face to face.


Making moves,


-Nathan & Lori