I sat in the middle of the bench seat of a ’84 Chevy Silverado – jacked up and cool – with a sound system that would make you weep.  I had just driven this beauty into a lake. 

On my left was a smashed window where a tree had rammed us on our decent into the water.  On my right was a hand-held spotlight, cord wrapped around my wrist, that a few seconds before was being used to light up the evening shore line.  In front of me was calm, moonlit, black water and it was rising up over the hood like a blanket of doom.  I climbed out.


As is so obvious in the above picture, I love, love, love the outdoors.  This is one of the reasons I love being a Realtor.  I get the added flexibility of taking off with Lori and our kids, to get outside – when it’s nice – and when it’s not, you know, 150 degrees outside. 

This passion started in the forests of New Hampshire running around in the woods behind my grand parents house.  And so in my 20’s I thought this would be a great venue for some local church kids. 
Anyway, that night started as a campout and ended with us pulling that truck out of the water with a tractor and 50 ft tow cable.  I was pretty embarrassed to put it lightly.


What had happened? 

Well – the truck was our light source as some of the kids in our troupe swam that fateful night.  I started the truck to keep the battery from dying and it jumped started and began to drive into the lake. 

So I guess you could title this email “The Night I tried to stop a truck from driving into a lake”.  Truth be told, the fact that I didn’t get the truck to stop had little to do with my lack of effort and more to do with my lack of understanding.


This lack of understanding centered on my assumption that I could just jump into a moving vechicle and press the brake and come to a stop, like any other vehicle.  The truck was a standard transmission and had been parked in gear.  (I would later come to learn that this means unless I pressed the clutch to deactivate revving gears the brake would not overcome the power of the lower gear – the truck will keep moving). 


So it kept going and I floated out onto the lake – all calm and serene like a midnight float under the moon.


ANYWAY to the point of my email. 

But first let me tell you about a house that Lori & I showed yesterday.  It’s been on the market for over 230 days.  This property went on the market in June at the height of the selling season for 2017.  In that time it has dropped almost $50k in price.  That’s a bunch of coin and a long time, so what happened? 


The home hasn’t sold due to lack of effort, rather a seller’s lack of understanding and bad assumptions.


Keller Williams Home Selling 101 says there are 3 critical components that get a house under contract – price, condition and location.  If you do not understand these components then you might as well be my co-passenger in a truck headed for a float trip. 


The house was erroneously priced too high for it’s condition and location in June of 2017.  Now the seller is “chasing the market down” by dropping the price, but most buyers have moved on. 

To pour salt on the wound, the property has the added stigma of a massive price drop and too much time on the market.  Many realtors will skip it and even show higher priced homes.


Our Keller Williams system arms you with a comprehensive understanding about these critical market factors BEFORE you list your home.


“But wait, Nathan, this is a sellers market and I’ve been watching Zillow – so I know what my house is worth.”


This is like saying you know how to stop a truck because you’ve read about how to do that online.  It doesn’t work in every situation and that bad information can have bad repercussions.


The Skorick Team brings you 2 licensed Realtors into your home to review your property’s condition and arms you with data for your location and market value. 

Plus, there are some not-well-known secrets that can maximise your equity and take home at closing.  Just hiring us could mean a $10k-$25k difference at the closing table.


Let us show you what we mean, reach out and call us or send an email response – we’d love to help you avoid any costly lake trips =>)

Stay tuned for our next email titled, “How to furnish your first apartment with the help of the prison system.”

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