I sat in the car of a Virgin Atlantic train and the man nextto me was in tears.  Big sloppy tears,the kind that make you look hideous when you cry. He was uncontrollable.  I was dumbfounded.  What on earth could bring a grown man tovisceral tears and an open public display, in a country where such behavior wasfrowned upon – at best!


I was a business executive with a UK based startup that soldsoftware in the US.  I was on my way to abusiness meeting and had just left Paddington towards Cardiff.  On that gloomy day, not from the weather,although it was overcast, everywhere I went someone was upset – had the Queendied?  Was the US rejoining the UK? 


And then it hit me. As I looked down at the newspaper left on the seat beside me I read thenews.  It was May 8, 2013 and the coachwho had brought the city of Manchester 38 trophies and helped build one of themost valuable sport franchises in modern history was retiring.  He was so loved that the queen knighted him –he was Sir Alex Ferguson.


And that’s where I figured out that soccer is more than asport – for many it is a life style, an outlet – an identity in a way.  A team sport that represents its city as afixture of it’s traditions and culture and in some cases it’s brute forcedesire to win.


I came to the UK with preconceptions about the sport of soccer.In fact that’s the wrong name, it’s actually called Football.  Even more – the ball is round and you kick it!


Ok, as a guy who grew up overseas – these things weren’t toolost on me.  But as the typical Americanabroad, and as the CEO of my company would say, “we forget that while we mayspeak the same language, we don’t always mean the same things.”


Why am I telling you this story?  The Skorick Team realizesthat in real estate our preconceived ideas about property values or what’s hotor trendy or “in” for your next dream home – are completegarbage.  What matters is your point ofview – the point of view of our customer. Where we may think something is off or strange, you may see Sir AlexFerguson – you see greatness.


That’s why for all of our Buyers, we conduct a detailed interview– we sharpen the pencil and listen to what you like, hate, want, need.  How do you like your home now? Where do youdiffer with family?  Where do you seethings the same?  Why?  Why does one style not appeal to you? 


If you are thinking about buying a property you can havesomeone send you a bunch of emails, links on Zillow, etc., – or you can have ateam of agents scouring properties with the real “you” in mind. 


We have openings to talk this week but they are filling upfast.  Give us a call, or message us now or sign up on our web page – we’d love to meet you.


-The Skoricks